The National Industrial Court in Abuja has restrained the NLC & TUC from proceeding with the November 6 nationwide indefinite strike, which was meant to force the FG and the State government into fixing the sum of N30,000 as the new minimum wage for workers.


The nationwide indefinite strike, which is set to begin on November 6 is an effort to urge the federal government to increase the minimum wage from #18,000 ($49) per month to #30,000 ($82) per month.


The federal government and the state government, has rejected any talks of increasing the minimum wage to the sum of N30,000 ($82), causing the NLC to threaten that “No N30000 ($82), no votes in the 2019 general election”. This is quite pathetic!


Justice Sansui kado of the Industrial Court on Friday, November 2, 2018, granted an ex-parte motion restraining the NLC and TUC from proceeding with the strike action.


Justice Kado was quoted as saying:


“The strike will lead to a huge economic loss for the public and private sectors and could jeopardize the health of many Nigerians who would not be able to access health facilities during the period and also adversely affect the livelihood of many people currently sheltered in various IDP camps owing to recent flooding that ravaged some states, also the petroleum sector as well due to lack of service during the strike”.


He further mentioned that:


“The Impact of the strike will be too devastating on the economy, the development goals will be hinder and there is a tendency that the country may slump back into recession if the strike proceeds as planned”.


The Judge specifically barred the Nigeria Labor Congress & the Trade Union also the incorporated trustees of the Nigerian Governors forum, who were listed as 1st,2nd, and 3rd defendant not to take any action that is capable of destroying the case before him and also restrain the NLC and trade union from proceeding with the strike.


The hearing of the main suit has been fixed for November 8.


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