The Sky water machine capable of producing about 300 gallons of water fresh drinking water a day by pulling it straight from the air, which has now won a $1.5 million prize was created by Sky source/Sky water Alliance a team of sustainability experts from Venice California.

The California based team sought to find answers to the global water crisis which led to the design of the sky water machine. The atmospheric water generator housed in a big metal box, condense water vapour from the atmosphere and turn it into drinking water. The Machine is capable of producing up to 300 gallons of fresh drinking water a day and can be powered by solar energy or the burning of biofuels. It can also be used for households, for farming or for emergency relief efforts.

David Hertz, one of the leaders of the Sky source/Sky water Alliance, says he’s excited about what the Sky water machines could do for people living in parts of the world where water is becoming more scarce.

Hertz says there’s more than enough water vapour in the air from which the machines can extract to produce gallons of water every day. Hertz estimates there’s about “37.5 million billion gallons of water” in the atmosphere at any given time, which sky source says is more fresh water than all the rivers on Earth.

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